Dichotomic Fusillade?

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Re: Dichotomic Fusillade?

Postby Greyvvolf » Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:11 pm

Schadenfreude wrote:So, it's been a while. What is the general consensus?

On my type 8's I went the best combo of AC/H-Dex available, as for my type 5's I did mostly H-Dex, however went with all three Deft, all three Courageous, and both Resilient Amber and Swirlstone augs, for my Str/Sta balance. I've also got the Swift Pear-Cut for the little bit of HP and AC gain. Basically went H-Dex/AC/Atk, and pretty much top 5 on our parses every event.
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