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Bosquestalker's Alliance

Postby Deloehne1 » Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:25 pm

This is the ranger version of the new "Alliance" spells. Alliance spells generally require three players of the same class working in concert to fully exploit the value of the spell.

In our case it works like this:

Bosquestalker's Alliance has a .5 second cast time, an 18 second duration, and a high, 11-12K mana cost. It has a 60 second cooldown, so it cannot be chain cast by a single ranger. On landing, the spell will put a 12 counter debuff icon on its target's buff window . The debuff will add damage to any ranger direct damage spell of level 96 or higher - including both halves of Summer's Cyclone - that is cast by rangers other than the original Alliance caster during the time the debuff is running. Only one such debuff may be on the mob at the same time. Additional casts will bounce, but will still have the mana cost as if it worked. On the debuff landing, there will be an emote:

    [MobName] is targeted by a bosquestalker's alliance.
For the next 18 seconds (plus some phantom seconds) up to 12 direct damage hits cast by other rangers - in group, raid, or generally in the area - will have an additional amount of damage applied to the hit. Resists and fizzles do not count as a hit. The amount of additional damage by rank is

    Rk. I 9,950 (120K for all 12)
    Rk. II 10,448 (125K for all 12)
    Rk. III 10.790 (129K for all 12)
If 12 direct damage hits land while the buff is still running two 'Fulmination' spells are triggered. On triggering there will be a second emote:

    [MobName] is burned by an alliance of fire and Ice
This indicates that the fulminations fired.

    Fulmination of Flame deals damage amounting to 1,078,102 at Rk. I, 1,132,007 at Rk. I, 1,188,607 at Rk III.
    Fulmination of Ice deals damage amounting to 1,001,686 at Rk. I, 1,051,770 at Rk. I, 1,104,359 at Rk III.
NONE OF THIS DAMAGE is visible to a log parser (or anyone else) at present. However the total damage from the half second cast and 12K mana amounts to 2.4 million HP and a dmg/mana ratio of 203:1

To make use of this, Rangers will have to make the adjustments like these:

    (1) Establish a rotation among participating rangers on an interval of 60/# of rangers seconds apart. As the spell needs three rangers, the largest interval should be at 20 seconds, and there is no real lower limit as two rangers easily can cast Summer's 6 times in about as many seconds.
    (2) All rangers need an audio trigger for the debuff landing (see above), and on it firing, cast 3 or four Summer's in a row.
    (3) They also should have a trigger (or a timer and and end early emote) for when the Fulminations land so they can revert to arrow spells and what ever.
    (4) The caster will probably want to fire any physical spells after casting alliance as that ranger derives no direct benefit from the cast.
Here are two triggers for GINA. One times the debuff, the other the spell cooldown.

GINA Triggers:

If this sounds like a lot of work, it is, but keep in mind that with four rangers, that's about 40K DPS each plus whatever DPS is done from all other causes of damage. It is possble that the only real cost to obtain this 160K will be a half second cast time for each of the four rangers.
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