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2017 Ranger Burn

Postby Tan » Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:37 pm

Hi everyone. My first post to these forums so please be kind :)

I am working on increasing DPS on my Ranger and want to get critiques on my setup. I have read many forums and tried many combos of stuff. Here is a post I drafted up that seems to do pretty well, but from what I hear there are others out there parsing higher so I would like to see if anyone else has suggestions to improve this.

2017 brings new life to Ranger Bows! Please never use Copsestalkers again :) Well at least until they patch something and dick up our range attack again. Anyhow even on Melee Burns it is better not to use Purseshot. Last 6 minutes and makes our Arrow Nukes AWESOME!

First, if you have not already, get your Type 5 HDEX Augs loaded. If you aren't able to camp / find any in the wild at least buy http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=123812 from PoHealth, you can buy as many of these as you want as they are NOT lore.

Buff Line Up
Utility Beneficial --> Combat Innates
Ro's Burning Cloak
Devastating Swords (if good tank agro) otherwise Roaring Weapons
Utility Beneficial -->Combination
Copsestalker's Unity (for self)
Shout of the Copsestalker (for others
Utility Beneficial -->Combat Abilities
Copsestalker's Enrichment
Utility Beneficial --> Dmg shield (for tanks if they want it)
Shield of Nettlespears
Under Utility Detrimental --> Combat Innates
Shimmering Veil (helps reduce agro when getting hit)
Potion and Tribute
Ancient Hedgewizard Brew - helps nuke harder (last about 60 mins so can use through most raids)
Tribute - Arm of Power II, Hero's Deftness, Juggler's Grace II, Power of Will II, Vengeful Aura
Class AA
Flaming Arrows or Poison if you like. I haven't really parsed them out, but since everything seems to enhance Ranger fire / cold I figured flaming was a better option.

NOTE: Be sure to remove extra non-melee / non-casting buffs so your burns are sure to land. Lately we have so many buffs you can use up that 36 slots pretty fast. I will work on a block list in the near future to help out.
NOTE: Also remember your Gear Clickies are mostly passive AA's right now so you should NEVER have any Shadow of ... on you. Just a wasted slot and does not do anything for your stats.

All tied to 1 key, I use number 1 for mine – hit fast and frequently. The number of times you hit this key is directly responsible for your DPS! Failure to hit this key until your fingers are soar will put you in the bottom of the DPS line! By the end of a burn fight you should be below 20% mana. If you have more than that you did not hit this key enough. If you are not sure how to bind a key, open Options --Keys -- Find the hot buttons and combat abilities you want to press and put that to the smash key you want.
Hot Key 1 itself
/doability 9 (kick)
/alt act 15073 (banestrike)
Spells / Combat Abilities Key bound to 1
Spell Gem 1 Anticipated Shots
Spell Gem 2 Focused Arrowrain
Spell Gem 3 Dichotomic Fusillade
NOTE: On Burns pop a Forceful Rejuvenation Right Here once the top 3 spells are down (UBER DPS TIME) - this pairs well with Cheetah since that adds for so many casts. Wiat until you see that dicho cheetah twincast! i hit 3 mil the other day on it.
Spell Gem 4 Wildfire Boon
Spell Gem 5 Wildfire Ash
Spell Gem 6 Heartsplit
Spell Gem 7 Summers Gale - I toggle this in and out of smash key depending on mana needs, you can always manually smash this with your mouse when needed
Combat Ability 1: Focused Squall of the Blades Rk. III
Combat Ability 2: Jolting Cut Kicks Rk. III
Combat Ability 3: Reflexive Nettlespears Rk. III

Burn Time!
Step 1 - Pop these right before Engage or Burn Call
Tribute if not already running
Silent Casting - keeps you alive to be awesome!
Chameleon's Gift - keeps you alive to be awesome!
Bulwark of the Brownies - keeps you alive to be awesome!
Blood Drinker's Coating
Miniature Horn of Unity - or rotate with group - this helps a bit with mana regen
Step 2 - Prep Burn - Hit when burns starts
/alt act 723 (Scouts Mastery of Elements)
/alt act 872 (Outriders attack)
/alt act 184 (Guardian of the forest)
/alt act 1462 is third spire (use this if no zerker) (use 1460 first spire if zerker in group as 3rd doesn't stack with their epic or their Bloodlust Aura)

Step 3 - Burn - hit after the prep keys are done
/disc Pureshot Discipline Rk. III
/alt act 1107 (Cheetah Fang)
/alt act 2235 (Imbued Ferocity) - may want to hit this manually when Mana burn is up - I just hit it last and figure they should all be burning with me :twisted:
/useitem 17 (Chest-Natural Alignment)
Step 4 - [b]Smash the Hell out of your Smash Key as seen above, mine is number 1. This this until your fingers hurt or get a keyboard with a macro button to repeat it for you!!! [/b]

Manually Activated
Hit Auspice Manually to Coordinate with other Rangers rotation - Call it out in Ranger channel and RAID so everyone knows.
Hit Ranger Alliance Manually with other Rangers during big fights. It's a mana hog so only use as needed.
Once Pureshot fades hit Empowered Blades and go in for some Melee fun
Once Guardian Fades hit Group Guardian (note Group does not stack with Bestial Alignment so coordinate with your Beastlord on timing)
Once Group Guardian Fades hit Outriders Accuracy
Once Accuracy is down hit Epic
Once Scout's Mastery of the Elements fades hit Scout's Mastery of Fire
Glyph of Cataclysm /ALT ACT 7019 - This does stack with Auspice so if you have the AA's go ahead and use as needed.
Intensity of the Resolute /ALT ACT 487 - Use when Auspice is down as it does NOT stack with it. Has a 4 Hour recast so use for the raid that needs the most DPS.

Group Choice for ADPS
I have not parsed these side by side, but from what I have seen this seems to work best for me.
Dream Team ADPS if it was ever possible
Best ADPS normal raid setup
Second Choice ADPS
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Re: 2017 Ranger Burn

Postby Tadenea » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:43 am

Under Utility Detrimental --> Combat Innates
Shimmering Veil (helps lower agro when hitting things) great to cast on all melee

only lowers argo if mobs hit you not if you hit them (its a defensive proc)

Clicky Hot Key for buffs – for clicky items (yours will be different)
/pause 15, /useitem 32 24 (Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch)

there has been 2 upgrades for that item past few years
Pridewing and Rhino mount
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