Warm Welcome

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Warm Welcome

Postby Realm_Farwalker » Sat Feb 10, 2007 12:50 pm

*Realm - feeling tired from the long walk spies the opening he was told about in the trees ahead, confident that he has not been betrayed he lets his blades slide back into their scabbards and walks forward*

Ahead he sees many people laughing merrily and enjoying cold ale and warm meat by a campfire

*Realm studies them carefully for a minute*

Many of them seem well seasoned wearing armor that has seen many battles - and some are as young as himself just begining to walk the path of the forrest warrior

*Realm smiles knowing deep inside he is amongst friends - there are many here he can learn from and even more who will be willing to hear his own stories*

*Realm walks through the trees and up to the fire*

"Permission to speak?"
*He asks hoping deep in his core thay they will accept him with open arms*
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