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Macro buttons

Postby Dalif » Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:08 pm

I need a good resource for setting up new macro buttons. Mine are all buggy and there have got to be better ways to manage dps. Thanks.
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Re: Macro buttons

Postby Meren Longbow » Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:20 am

Some general reference info on macro buttons I pulled of the SK board might be of use.

"then someone chimed in and mentioned a command i didn't know of, /timer.

Apparently, when added to a social hotkey, it gives it the exact appearance and functionality as the cooldown on disc and aa hotkeys.

for the UA/HS key, since hasten harmshield is done, those 2 timers aren't in sync with eachother anymore. You add the /timer 600 and the SOCIAL key gets a 10 minutes cooldown. This doesn't inhibit USING the key, IE lock it out.... like on my FD key that fires DE then Imp. DP. I gave it a /timer 120, it starts the cooldown for DE, but i can still hit the button for IDP. Just now I know EXACTLY when DE is back up. And hitting it again while it's counting down the timer, doesn't reset it.

No more having hotkeys for shit next to the combo button to know the timer anymore, if you can do the math and add a 0, your socials will now let you see your reuse timer."

/disc Renounce Rk. II
/doability 7 --Disarm
/doability 9 --Bash
/pet attack
/timer 600,/disc Gouging Blade

/hotbutton Deflect /timer 24000,/disc Deflection Discipline

So maybe something like:
/pause 2, /doability 6
/pause 2, /autoinventory

Dunno if its mentioned on there either, but you can cancel a macro key too.

Just right-click on it.

(at least in default UI anyways)
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Re: Macro buttons

Postby Gladare » Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:51 am

The /timer command also doesn't persist when you zone so I was disappointed with it when I found out about it a while back. I just stick with GINA for timers.
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