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More precision AA's

Postby Broncoandy » Fri Nov 16, 2007 7:22 pm

I can't say I'm surprised, but WHY OH WHY did we recieve more precision AAs in the same expansion precision AAs and accuracy's will become less relevent? Plus 5 levels, and plus umpteen to weapon skills means more chance to hit. More chance to hit = less chance to use accuracy, or precision AAs. War's get more crit frequency AAs. Zerker's get more crit frequency AAs. Rogue's get backstab accuracy, but there are no worn mods for that. Why can we not have a new set of AAs that actually scales properly the way those do? By the time you are level 80 with 150 worn accuracy, and weapon skills of 340, will we even be able to parse a difference? How bout next year when we're 85 with even higher skills? This was a great AA at it's inception, but it's initial power is lost more and more every time we gain skills, levels, or gear. IMO the efficiency of our melee dps is class defining. When we swing we hit. When we hit we hit for high DI's. Unless the devs plan to add avoidance to mobs when they increase mob AC, they should have had the forsight to change our accuracy AA line. Nothing stops them from giving us a scaling abuility but lack of imagination. Critical hits. Crippling blows. Precise strikes. It's not a difficult concept to figure out, or implement. Hopefully at some point in time (preferably SOON) the devs will see the kind of data that Laer posted in the research forum, and hopefully they will retroactively adjust one of our more unique AA lines so that it properly scales that we might still benefit from it when we're all level 100 with weapon skills at 4 or 500.
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Postby Valiantt » Sun Nov 18, 2007 7:48 am

The unfortuneate thing is there will be Rangers that don't regularly read outrider, and simply train it becuase they think its good based on the description. Not realizing the some mechanics of the game have evolved so fast that it has made the AA practically worthless. Not that this AA line was ever all that great.
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