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Frobus_Swiftshot wrote:
lauranthala wrote:Only downside to using ws + origin is if you don't have your back against something and get pushed enough to interrupt the cast. I always keep a couple gate pots on me for an emergency since they are insta cast.

Sadly, the true excitement of pulling off the tight escape isn't what it used to be since the advent of the corpse summoners in the guild lobby. Escaping somewhere like Fear with 2% health and not having to CR used to be a really big rush. :D

I don't believe you get pushed during WS against non-strikethrough mobs. I've used WS + non-instant gate pots (and now origin) many times against big trains of mobs without being walled. I've never been interrupted. I could be totally wrong though, just my experience.

Strikethrough presents a huge problem though in SoF. You do have to wall yourself or getting interrupted is a possibility. Against tough enough mobs, you might even die. I've gotten into the habit of hitting WS, chugging a HoT pot, then trying to origin.

To add to what has already been said...I've also done the WS+Gate Potion (or in my preference, Throne of Heroes since it can't "collapse") without interruptions, in such places as PoFire and Dragonscale Hills. I'd imagine this would be unsuccessful against certain caster NPCs :shock:
To clarify something else, standard gate potions only cost approximately 175pp per and are player-made (search your local bazaar for Philter of Major Translocation), the insta-gate potions "Vial of Swirling Smoke" cost a tad over 1,000pp each, are lore as stated, and each vendor that *does* sell them only stocks 2 at a time. Their stock resets on patches or I believe server crashes. They are excellent in a pinch and worth every cent IMO.

Please note that gate potions have a chance to "collapse" - or downright fail if you will, and leave you standing there with WS running dangerously low. If you go this route, plan accordingly (never leave home w/o 2+ potions!!)
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