Mobs that summon and summon and summon and summon you

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Mobs that summon and summon and summon and summon you

Postby Casnovo » Tue Jan 17, 2006 11:38 am

/rant on

This is one reason I would never play a tank class in Everquest it drives me nuts.
I am right in the stupid mobs face taunting it, and it still keeps summoning me and saying You will not evade me Casnovo.

Day 1

Guild leader ask me if I would mind coming to SSR and helping farm some Emp keys, so I did. Once I get there I am ask to off tank adds, I say NP. Well after about 3 hours of getting summoned and summoned and summoned and summoned, my eyes where twitching like mad and I had a pounding headache. Needless to say I ended up calling it a night early.

Day 2

68 .3 boss mob: Ok this mission has been a real PITA for me to finish. The tanks keep dieing under the last 10%. So the other night we get mob down below 10%, I am in melee range mouse hovering over Weaponshield hotkey. Mob gets to 2% tank dies I hit hotkey weaponshield and taunt engage. I get agro, Parry a total of 8 times get summoned behind mob and die before I can turn around to face him.

68 .5 get invite to come help kill boss mob. The group tells me they are having agro problems with the Prince. The Pally tells me with all the summons he is having trouble keeping agro. So I should be 2nd on agro list and be ready to use weaponshield . I say NP will do, Wrong! Pally looses agro , I get agro hit weaponshield get not stop summoned till I loose agro then mobs kills healers before me or the Pally can get agro back.

/rant off

I know that having mobs that summon are necessary, but it just drives me nuts when I am the one getting summoned over and over again.
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Postby Delbaeth » Tue Jan 17, 2006 3:10 pm

I agree it is a real pain. The developers could ease off a lot while still achieving the goals summoning was created for.

1. If the mob is able to hit you in melee it shouldn't summon. Since the mobs all have 50' rubber arms this would give a fairly wide area to work in without triggering summons.

2. Make the game mechanical representation of the mob's location and size actually correspond to the 3D display. Yeah, this may ever happen but if it did EQ would improve substantially. It sucks to have to wade right inside the mob looking at goofy display artifacts to be at the right distance.

Since Sony won't do either of these things you can improve matters a bit yourself. Get right in the mobs face, really close, closer than seems reasonable. That will get them to stop summoning you. If you are having trouble telling the right place to be try using the butt-shot camera view and positioning the camera just above your head. I do this when using wolf form so it seems I am actually riding the wolf. It cuts down on the visual shake and also gives a good perspective of where I really am at the cost of not being able to look up and down. For some mobs you will be inside it.

The best indication of where a mob "really is" seems to come from the text display of its name and not the graphical representation. Lame? Absolutely! Yes, I do still get summoned behind so the mobs can hit me in the back but it seems I can keep the frequency down.

This is a real pain when tanking and using Hail of Arrows. For many mobs close enough to not be summoned is too close for HoA to hit. Evolving my clickie mask I would go to the Hole and pull 6 at a time from the castle area and gun them down with HoA. The gargoyes there love to summon and want me really close. With a bunch of them it got hard to fit a spell between the summons.
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Postby lauranthala » Sat Feb 11, 2006 10:06 am

If you get summoned during ws, always immediately back up. It's the fastest way to get the mob back in front of you. If you try and turn to face it, you're dead. I rarely get killed on summons during ws; not sure if it's coincidence or not, but it seems like the mobs always summon right after their combat round so you always have the split second to back up before they swing again.
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Postby Auldian » Sat Feb 11, 2006 11:01 am

Summoning mobs can suck. Mostly, and I really disagree with the practice of this, after they gate. Gating should've never permitted summoning to continue in my opinion.

What lauranthala said is huge, never turn around. Tap your backup key until the "cannot see your opponent" or whatever the spam message is stops.

The 3D targeting ring will sometimes give you a better idea of where to stand. Sometimes huge models have really tiny footprints, though an exact relationship to their "summon" point isn't always obvious.

I have a view from directly overhead hotkeyed also. My eyes are old and I've experimented with some pretty cool custom targeting rings.

Velk's Lab castle courtyard is a good place to practice this stuff. You can probably solo tank 3 or 4 at a time and every one will summon you. Joy.

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Postby Arksien » Sun Feb 12, 2006 12:13 pm

The main thing I dislike, is when you have 3 or 4 mobs on you, and they are all clearly in hitbox range, as all 4 have stoped moving and are beating on you, yet as soon as they can, they start ping pong summoning you all over the place, and none of the 4 move, can still hit you, just chain summon. It's so annoying to constantly have spells interupted by being summoned by a mob that is 2 feet to your left and already beating on you.
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