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Guide To Evolving Items

Postby Arahgorn » Sat Jun 28, 2008 3:54 am

General Information
Evolving items are interesting pieces of equipment. They come in 2 types: Intelligent, meaning they talk and non-intelligent, meaning they don't talk.

Intelligent items range from 2-4 evolutions and evolve at a slower rate than non-intelligent. Non-intelligent items range up to 8 evolutions and evolve at a quicker rate. They come as group and raid items.

When an item evolves, augments remain intact. Additionally, items require greater amounts of experience as they evolve to higher levels (i.e. level 2 requires more experience to reach level 3 in comparison to level 1 to reach level 2).

Leveling Your Item
Evolving items gain experience independent of any experience boost or lien, except group experience. Basically, that means you'll get no further fighting in a dungeon vs. an outdoor zone, unlike your AA/Level experience does. The only requirement they have is that you receive experience for killing a mob in a group, or solo. Quest and raid experience does not work toward evolution experience.

The quickest way to evolve your item is to solo slaughter Light Blue cons. Higher con mobs will evolve the item quicker, but few persons can solo, or even duo, many of them at a sustained speed. If you are incapable of soloing at a sustained rate, find a duo buddy to compliment your weakness. Just remember, the rate that your item evolves drastically changes when you group.

Where To Level Your Item
The best zones to fight in are going to vary on your ability to handle multiple monsters at a time. I suggest zones where monsters do not summon. That way, you can still run away when they catch you with your pants down! Everybody needs to take a leak at some point...

Now this is where max Headshot comes in like a gun to a knife fight. Any humanoid level 65 and lower = mad evolution. Even better than just Headshot, use Arc of Arrows or Hail of Arrows, for multiplicative pwnage! Thats like bringing a shotgun to a knife fight!

I compiled a list of zones/mobs that you can exercise your shotgun at level 80:

Plane of Fire
*a chaplain of fire
*a defender of fire
*a diviner of fire
*any "jopal" model
*a magus of fire
*a soldier of fire
--I need to confirm which areas are subject to Headshot. Jopal island is solid.

Halls of Honor - This is a reverse list (what can't be Headshot)
*a Rabid Wrulon
*a Recuso Degenerate
*Advocent Joran
*An Ogre Mauler
*an Undead Inhabitant
*An Undead Miniature
*Captain Kage Shou
*Captain Danon Shern
*Kaith Harrowsky
*Konid Merdrid
*Miranda Climmes
*Nevor Jikman
*Smesay Jacksby
*the "Valorian Guardian" models
*Ydira Merok
--Basically this zone is a smorgasbord for Headshot.

Solusek Ro's Tower
*a sentry of Ro
*a protector of Ro
--The zone in mobs.

Plane of Valor
*A Lumbering Beast
*A Luminii Crawler
*"A Razorfiend" models
*A Soldier of Marr
*A Valorian Guard
*a Valorian Sentry
*An Animated Guardian
*A Crystalline Crawler
*A Crystalline Arachnid
--The glass wasteland is a great spot. Just be careful of too many golems, because they cannot be Headshot. You can pull the guard tower for additional targets, however some named cannot be Headshot. Use Harmony on them.

Another set of noteworthy places:

LDoN missions. All of them. The monsters range from Green to Light Blue, are supplied in large quantities and do not summon(minus named).

These monsters can be Headshot:

Mistmoore Catacombs: Gargoyles and puslings
Takish-Hiz: I'm assuming the elves can be Headshot, but I haven't tested this mission. I'll do a couple and confirm.
Miragul's Menagerie: Goblins and holgresh
Deepest Guk: I'm unsure if anything can be Headshot here. I'll do a couple and confirm.
Rujarkian Hills: Orcs and goblins (They constitute the majority of these missions)
*Note*LDoN missions have a 45 minute lockout timer before you can request a new mission. That timer begins when you enter the mission. You also need 3 people to request a mission.

Personal Experience
I've had Glume'Inas the Stinking and Taniza the Crystal-Bound for approximately one month. In that time, I've fully evolved the ring and evolved the belt to the second level, solo fighting, primarily in these zones. Fully clearing a whole LDoN mission yields in approximately 9% evolution (+1/-1 depending on monster count).
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Re: Guide To Evolving Items

Postby Astroshak » Sat Jun 28, 2008 9:03 am

Nice post!

Arahgorn wrote:Takish-Hiz: I'm assuming the elves can be Headshot, but I haven't tested this mission. I'll do a couple and confirm.

Regarding the LDoN though - the elves in Tak are all summoned. This is why some people back in the day used the summoned proc buff instead of the generic proc buff (summoned proc buff did more damage). Since mobs can have only one tag, I'd be VERY suprised to see Summoned mobs being Headshot.
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Postby Laer » Sat Jun 28, 2008 4:13 pm

Vinelash Cascade + Arc of Arrows + Crypt of Decay was great for me. The Bubonian (rat people) were great for leveling up evolving items for me. Grab up 5-8 root them and just hail/arc of arrows and watch your evolving item skyrocket. There are the occasional rat that will summon but I typically just targeted that one and ranged it while casting hail/arc on the group. It's a little more dangerous than other zones like Halls of Honor but the mobs are closer together and it goes faster if you handle it.

I managed to fully evolve (2 levels) an item in 9 hours using Halls of Honor and CoD.
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Postby Kolani » Sat Jun 28, 2008 4:25 pm

Also, don't forget that if you have an evolving item that is fully evolved, but you're not using anymore (o hai cloak of the spirit hunter), you can take it to Swith Billingley in Corathus Creep and use his transmogrophier to transfer xp between evolving items.

Usually you can only evolve them to level 2 with it, but I dumped all three levels of my cloak into Glume'Inas the Stinking as soon as I got it and instantly evolved it to level 2 on the next kill.
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