Murdunk's Last Stand

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Murdunk's Last Stand

Postby Ayragon » Tue May 12, 2009 2:26 am

Any tricks to this one? Or just need monster only a specific number of mobs pop? 1 every 45 secs or so, but do they eventually stop when 45 mobs or so spawn?
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Postby Whitman » Tue May 12, 2009 2:38 am

Once you kill 35 (iirc) you succeed, whether or not the rest makes it out. Once a certain number reaches the exit, the mission ends; if you have killed the required number before that, you win.

Get your group together, and prepare to try a few times until you get it right. Grab mission, zone in. There's a little platform where you zone in, this is camp spot. Mobs run past the platform, so just start grabbing them and see if you can kill them before the next one runs by. You can let every fifth mob get by and still win, but more than that makes it iffy.

The mobs you let by have a LONG run to complete before they make it to the exit, so it's not instant failure if you miss one. If you can't keep up in the first five minutes without letting more than, say, one by, you will likely fail, but it's good fun and nice xp anyway.
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Postby Leiker » Tue May 12, 2009 4:51 am

It's an excerise in keeping a nice sustained DPS instead of just bursting through. Whitman explained it good - it's a straightforward event with nice xp to boost.

I'll just emphasize the camp spot Whitman mentioned - make sure you move upthere asap and pull to there, or you'll end up with adds creeping up and inhibiting you group performing to it's max for the duration of the event (I've seen one attempt, with a cocky enchanter claiming that he could easily keep the next one busy until group was ready for it - but why not just use the enchanters DPS as well to get the job done? )
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Postby Lila_AB » Tue May 12, 2009 5:17 am

A good campspot and easy to find is the point where the quest-NPC 'Nedsin Tabbels' waits for adventurers in the non-instanced zone.
No adds nor zonetrash nor those who spawn. Nevertheless, the mobs to kill path close by so the tank can tag them and no puller is needed.
If all zone in together and rush to the spot, you will have some time to prepare for the event befor the first mob comes in.

This zone is outdoor, all chars using mana may want to sit on the mount.

The worse mobs coming are the big Boulderthrower. If you can't kill back to back, choose those to skip if possible. Never loot while mobs in camp, nothing really necessary to find on the trash. Everyone just concentrate on dpsing.

If you are lucky one or more named spawn during the event, if so they will pass by like the others. They dont feel like beeing particular difficould.
They may drop essences and also nice non visible upgrades.
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Postby Sarkaukar » Tue May 12, 2009 7:43 am

Repost from SOE boards

As a ranger, tanked this mission (shudders) with mix of Tier 3 group, 3 pieces Fabled and 3 pieces Cultural/Demi, cleric, another ranger, beastlord, druid and wizard, with 1.5-2k AA. Buffed/Tribute 30k hp/4.1k ac. I felt really sorry for the cleric, poor thing. All other members approx same progression level, I won out as tank as I had the most AC (lazy beastlord), and switched between shield/dps.

    * Mobs' hp varied from approx 170k to 240k, but round it off to 200k.
    * Spawn timer is every 45 secs
    * 200k/45 secs = 4444.4 group dps, or 4/6 toons 1111.1 dps/each. Top end 5333.33 group dps, 1333.33 dps/each for 240k mobs.
    * A group would be ok if they allowed one to escape for every 5 mobs killed.
    * Do NOT try to CC right off the bat (learned that lesson on 4th attempt. 5th attempt no cc, won). This allowed druid to concentrate on dot/backup heals.
    * For our group, overall 4100 dps/group, inwhich 5-6 reached RCC zone before 35th mob was killed.
    * Likely start burning discs early, so they will refresh a few times during the mission, as the mission length would be approx 30 minutes (40 mobs spawned total, which 5 gets by before mission ended).
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Re: Murdunk's Last Stand

Postby Bariag_Stromm » Wed May 20, 2009 8:00 am

Ayragon wrote:Any tricks to this one? Or just need monster only a specific number of mobs pop? 1 every 45 secs or so, but do they eventually stop when 45 mobs or so spawn?

You pretty much have to average one kill per minute. Killing four out of every five will keep you on target. The event will last for somewhere between 30 and 35 minutes. If people are blowing their all mana/endurance in the first 10 minutes, you will lose. If someone dies, you will lose.

This event was doable in Crystalos group gear prior to SOE increasing the ratios of group weapons, but it was very tight. Generally back then, the losing replacement (9th, I believe) was past you and on its way to Murdunk when you made your 35th kill. Now, it is a matter of finding the right camp and getting your group used to the event.

Monster DPS isn't required but good sustained DPS is. Yes, the mobs stop spawning at around 45 (maybe a couple more).

Unless you can kill these mobs within 40 seconds, you need to set up your camp far enough away from where the replacements path so they won't auto agro, but within visual distance so you don't need to leave camp to pull.
If you have pet classes in your group, the pets MUST be kept on HOLD. Some of the mobs you will be fighting are casters and having a pet run off to fight them will just wipe you.
If one gets past you, don't expend energy trying to chase it down. You have to prevent nine replacements from getting to Murdunk, not prevent any.
The giants take the longest to kill and generally dish out the most punishment. Sometimes it makes sense to intentionally let one of these by.
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Re: Murdunk's Last Stand

Postby Rakage » Wed May 20, 2009 9:03 am

Bariag_Stromm wrote:The giants take the longest to kill and generally dish out the most punishment. Sometimes it makes sense to intentionally let one of these by.

The giants are usually the slowest too, so take the longest to get to Rathe zone in, every little bit helps
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