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Ranger Epic Bypass Walkthrough

Postby Tnexus » Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:46 pm

Find Targen Stonefall in Nedaria's Landing at +1390, -150, on the second floor of the building.

You say, 'Hail, Targen Stonefall'

Targen Stonefall says 'Hello there, Tnexus. I hope you fare well in your travels. I've decided to settle in here, next to the warm fires of the smithy rather than visit the plane of discord again. It's nasty, but is certainly has some [interesting stones].'

You say, 'What interesting stones?'

Targen Stonefall says 'Well, I've been hearing about stones that have inherent power, much like those that we've been calling augmentation stones. These are cruder and you'd have to talk to someone else about exactly how to work with those. I'm more of a geologist myself. I study the way earth and stone are formed. I think there's a lot we can learn about this place from the formation of the [native stones].'

You say, 'What native stones?'

Targen Stonefall says 'Just about any of them, really. I've seen most of what can be found, but if you see anything interesting, please let me look at it. You never know what gems you might find! Best of luck to you, my friend.'

Forage a Blasted Stone in The Bloodfields. Give it to Targen.

Targen Stonefall looks carefully at the stone. He takes out a cloth and some liquid and rubs the stone thoroughly. 'Why do you waste my time, friend? This is a rock from Norrath. I suppose it's kind of you to bring it to me, you probably didn't know any better, but I can't do anything with this. Where did you find this?'

You receive a Washed Blasted Stone. Make sure you have an open slot, then:

You say, 'I found it in the Bloodfields.'

Targen Stonefall says 'What? You found this there? Now that is unusual.' Targen pauses a moment to scratch his chin. 'This might bear further investigation. I'll need a sample to compare to this new stone of yours. Maybe you can do me a favor. Gather up a stone from someplace like [Odus] and bring it to me. I'll be able to compare results from that stones to this one you brought and maybe we can learn something. Here, take this sample cloth and this vial of emulsion. When you find a rock that you think might work, use the emulsion and the cloth. If it reacts you know you've got a good enough sample. Then place it with the blasted stone of yours in the cloth and bind them up. Bring the bundle back to me and I'll take a look at them.'

You receive Targen's Emulsion and Sample Cloth, a 2-slot container.

You say, 'From Odus?'

Targen Stonefall says 'It's pretty obvious where all the good stone on that little rock is.'

Go to the Ruins of Old Paineel. Find Stone Collector at +110, +420, (just before the tunnel to Jaeil) and kill him. Loot a Dusty Stone. Combine Targen's Emulsion and the Dusty Stone in the Sample Cloth to create a Rock of Odus. Combine the Rock of Odus and the Washed Blasted Stone in the Sample Cloth to craft a Closed Sample Cloth. Give this to Targen.

Targen Stonefall works a fine cloth on both stones for a while, then takes out what appears to be a prism and peers at the stones through it. 'Well, the stone is indeed native to the Plane of Discord. It just has many properties in common with the stone native to Norrath. I have never seen something like this before. My best guess is that it is some sort of stone amalgamation. I believe that matter is pulled into Discord when gates open. From what I have been told a gate was opened to Norrath in the past. Perhaps matter from Norrath and matter from Discord were merged when the gate was opened. That would make sense if there was a powerful magical disruption or explosion. I understand that Taelosians had powerful geomantic magic. If this stone came from Taelosia many years ago during the height of their power, it might be very special. It's too bad there isn't any way to remove the [impurities] from it.'

You say, 'What impurities?'

Targen Stonefall says 'A large portion of this stone is infused with material native to this place. I call those impurities because to me the real stone here is the stuff that seems to be from ancient Taelosia. I hope you can find someone with enough earth magic to purify it for you.'

You receive a Polished Blasted Stone. Head to North Karana and find Xanuusus in the northern part of the zone.

You say, 'Hail, Xanuusus'

Xanuusus says, 'You make my limbs ache. There is something unnatural about you. What is it?'

Give Xanuusus the Polished Blasted Stone.

Xanuusus says 'Hmmm... this is an unusual stone. I sense an ancient love in this stone, a love for the earth as well as for the crafting of stone. But I also sense blood, pain and confusion. I want to destroy it and yet I want to set it among my roots to nourish me. You found this on another plane? I think you have the strength and will to purify this stone, if you have faith. Let me recite a poem to you, small one. It will guide you on this path.'

You receive the Polished Blasted Stone back.

Xanuusus sways in the breeze. It is impossible to tell if he is trying to remember the poem or if he has fallen asleep.

The great treant turns his head down to you and you hear a creaking from his trunk. He then turns his face to the sky.

Xanuusus says 'The darkness seeps and crawls in the night'
Xanuusus says 'It eats away at the roots while light sleeps'
Xanuusus says 'There are ways to against the darkness fight'
Xanuusus says 'The stormy waves revere the rocky shoal'
Xanuusus says 'With polish and shine those stones it saves'
Xanuusus says 'Respect of the worthy enemy is the goal'
Xanuusus says 'It is friendship that are our best armor'
Xanuusus says 'A true ally will help a friend when he slips'
Xanuusus says 'When they ask for some, we give them more'
Xanuusus says 'In the darkest midnight faith is the thing'
Xanuusus says 'While one waits for the glory of light'
Xanuusus says 'Your trust is the best thing you bring'

Xanuusus says 'That is the poem. I hope you like it. Now, you shall have to decide how this poem applies to you, or to others, without my help. Return to me when you have what you need and we shall see if we can cleanse that stone.' You had plenty of time to write down the poem as Xanuusus recited it.

You receive a Poem of the Storms.

You say, 'I need help.'

Xanuusus says 'Well, I suppose I can help you a little, small one. There are three principles expressed in my lovely poem.'
Xanuusus says 'First one must defeat a worthy enemy of the Storm Lord, as you obviously understood from the second stanza. Seek a weapon born by one that would shackle the world if he could. He takes his name from his home, as if to claim it as his own.'
Xanuusus says 'Secondly one must aid a friend of the Storm Lord. There is one that considers himself small and worthless. Heal his heart so that his bare feet may roam again.'
Xanuusus says 'Finally one must perform and act of faith in the Storm Lord. When you have accomplished the other tasks, return to me and we shall again speak of this act of faith.'

Head to Torigran Mines and kill Taskmaster Waggad Brokenskull who spawns at 1768, -900. Loot the Taskmaster's Cutlass. Now head to Misty Thicket and find a tired farmer in the middle of the zone in a hut next to the Plane of Knowledge stone. He'll only respond to you if you have the Poem of the Storms.

You say, 'Hail, a tired farmer'

a tired farmer looks worn out. His boots are stained with mud and his clothing is torn and frayed. 'Hello there. I hope things are going well for you, at least better than they are for me. I wish I had time to be more social, but I need rest before I go out and battle with the weather again.'

You say, 'I am a friend of the Storm Lord.'

a tired farmer says 'Please, not another lecture. I know, I know, I need to accept that it will rain when it rains. Rain is good, it grows my crops. I understand all that. But now the rain is rotting my crops on the vine. It's flooding out my seeds. It's ruining me. I want to remain true to Karana, but I can't be quiet while my family and friends starve. I understand why Karana is worthy of worship. I want to have faith, but I just can't afford to feed my family without my crops!'

At this point we're missing dialogue to understand how to get to the next point.

Give a tired farmer 300pp and the Poem of the Storms.

The farmer looks at you with a stunned expression on his face. He carefully sets the coins down in a neat stack on the ground and slowly unfolds the paper. As he reads the poem, heavy tears form in the corners of his eyes and drop onto the page. When he is done reading he carefully folds it back up and hands the page back to you. He then wipes his nose with his sleeve. 'I think I understand a little better about faith. Maybe my faith brought you here, maybe yours did, I don't know. I don't think it matters. You've shown me something about kindness as well. Thank you so much!

At this point a tired farmer becomes a faithful farmer and you receive a Tear-stained Poem of the Storms. Head back to Xanuusus and equip the Taskmaster's Cutlass in your offhand, the Tear-stained Poem of the Storms in your primary, and the Polished Blasted Stone on your face. They must be exactly in those slots. Now tell him, "I am ready".

Xanuusus says, 'Stay close or this won't work. It is better that you do this, for trees are not very well structured to withstand lightning.' The treant releases a sound from his hollows that sounds much like thunder.

At this point he'll walk a short ways, and he'll cast a spell on you called Bolt of Faith. It's an unresistable stun, 50% snare, and -50 to dexterity. It lasts one minute. Once it lands you'll see text.

As the lightning courses through your body, you feel the stone dissolving. That material flows from your mouth in an unnatural fashion and you see it fade as it rushes away from you across the planes toward something moving in the distance.

When the stun portion wears off, you'll see the text, "You now understand the measure of your own faith." Now during all this spawns A Tainted Beast who cons blue at level 75. He hits for under 200, and died quickly. However, you MUST aggro him within a minute or he despawns and you lose the Taskmaster's Cutlass and the Polished Blasted Stone. If you fail, you can hail Xanuusus for another stone, but the Taskmaster's Cutlass must be aquired again. (I learned this the hard way.) A Tainted Beast is a griffon who beelines for Xanuusus from the southeast. Once it's dead, loot the Stone of Winde. Now go talk to Xanusuus again.

You say, 'Hail, Xanuusus'

Xanuusus says 'I see you have purified that stone. Can I look at it?'

Give the stone to Xanuusus.

Xanuusus says 'It is free now. It is wonderful. It, hmmmm . . . makes the wind sound . . . windier. Much like that sword you rangers like so much. I bet someone could make a wind for that stone that would make it even more wonderful.'

Now go find Merchant Tenra in the Kelethin bard guild hall.

You say, 'Hail, Merchant Tenra'

Merchant Tenra says, 'Hello traveler. I hate to bother you while you are shopping, but have you seen a [young researcher]? She would be a wood elf, like me. She's younger than me, but she would look a lot like me. Have you seen her?'

You say, 'What young researcher?'

Merchant Tenra says, 'Well, she's my little sister, Mera. She is a student here at the guild. She isn't a singer, she just doesn't have the voice for it, poor dear. She studies sound. She has some interesting ideas about how to make music sound better. She had just received a device from a gnome that he claimed could capture sound. It was some crazy jar with a gear on the top or something. Well, Mera left here in a rush after receiving the jar from a courier and hasn't been heard from since. I have nothing to offer you as payment, but you look like a kind person and an adventurer. If you see her, please send her home.'

Someone who has seen Mera would be Godbin Strumharp in the Steamfont Mountains, in a windmill at +50, -615.

You say, 'Have you seen Mera?'

Godbin Strumharp says 'Mera? Sure, I know her. Bright girl. She left here a while ago with one of my new [sound capture jars]. She helped me design them. Bright girl. She ran off saying that she was going to find a great sound to capture in the jar. She was very excited. I hope she's safe. She said something about howling or something like that. I just didn't hear her properly. She's a very bright girl.'

You say, 'What sound capture jars?'

Godbin Strumharp says 'The sound capture jar does exactly what it sounds like it does. If you use it properly, you can capture a sound in the jar for use later. I haven't worked out the details about how exactly you might use a sound, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. I have a few with me. They aren't part of my regular inventory, but I can sell you one if you need it for something. Seeing as you're a friend of Mera, I'll let you have it for cost, thirty platinum.'

Give him 30pp.

Godbin Strumharp says 'Here ya go. Good luck finding Mera.'

You can find the Ghost of Mera in the north wing of the Howling Stones at +545, +155.

You say, 'Hail, Ghost of Mera'

Ghost of Mera says 'What? Oh, hello. You're . . . you're alive, aren't you. I'm dead, I think. Why can't I leave here? I need to be free so I can continue my [work]. Oh, but I'm dead, I can't.'

You say, 'What work?'

Ghost of Mera says 'My work . . . I was working with sound, I remember that. I remember hearing all of the wonderful noise that the stones make in the wind. I think I found the perfect sound, but then they killed me. A sacrifice, I think. That makes me sad. I do have one happiness, though. I know the perfect sound. I just wish I could have saved it so that others could hear it. If only they hadn't broken my jars.'

Give her the Sound Capture Jar.

Ghost of Mera says 'Thank you!' Mera breaths into the jar. You hear nothing, but she seals the jar and says, 'Now all you must do is free my spirit! Do so and you may know the perfect sound of the wind and I will be free!'

For some reason she can't just give you the completed jar back, so you must kill her instead. She doesn't hit that hard, so once she's dead loot the Echoing Jar from her corpse. Finally, head to Erudin Palace and go to the back room of Sothure's Fine Gems where you'll find Mairee Silentone. Hand her the Echoing Jar and the Stone of Winde.

Mairee Silentone takes the stone and the jar. She smiles and nods to you. She drops the stone into the jar while singing a quiet but powerful song. When she is done she takes the stone from the jar and hands it to you. You immediately feel soft air flowing out of the holes in the stone and hear an intriguing sound. 'This stone feels much like a weapon I helped to create. I wont' claim to be a fortune-teller, but I sense that this thing might be very important to you. You might want to keep it with you.'

You receive Essence of Earth and Wind. Congratulations on finishing the Ranger epic bypass quest!
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